So does anyone remember the family friend that was struck with cancer??? He passed away last night….

I’m not so sure how to feel at all right now, I just came back from a good hangout with friends and, suddenly, I’m greeted with this news. It’s like there are no emotions or words or anything I can really say express what’s going on right now.

Now I know he’s in a better place, heck, he was the most loyal and kind Christian man I would ever know. Of course he’s got a First Class ticket to the Big Leagues. He’s okay, and I think he passed on in his sleep.

But I really wanted to visit him one last time, I really wish I could say goodbye one last time. Now, I’m not close to him at all. He was good friends with my father, but it’s not like we were that close. But just to hear that person I know has passed on, in a peaceful manner… after bouts of plain suffering and silence, rocks me to my very core.

Dear Uncle Amos,

You were a kind man, and you were extremely nice. I could write a book about how much you’ve helped my family in our time of need, and how you’re a very loyal friend. I’m going to miss how you’ve managed to give some very good advice in the most ridiculous ways. And I’m going to miss your faith filled disposition. You don’t deserve to have left the way you did, or to have gone through that much suffering.

I hope you’re doing better, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you off.

I need to let this out….

I just came to know that my parents’ close friend is in his 4th stage of rectal cancer. I am absolutely floored by this, and I know my parents are too.

I have never seen my dad look so distressed. A lot of his old friends have died, and to know that another one will be soon biting the big one is just fucking weighing in on him. And my mom has been trying not to cry since we have church in the morning and just… Crying is going to fuck things up right???

The close friend said that he can barely go out of the house because the doctors had to take out certain bits and pieces to him, and all the human waste is just drained into a bag he has to carry around. He can’t go out because people will see it and well… Y’know…

What hurts is that he’s such a really great person, he’s one hell of a God-fearing man, super steadfast in his faith, and he gets dealt the worst card around????

We’re going to visit him within this weekend or the following week, and a small part of me just doesn’t want to go. Not that I don’t want to see him, but I know I’m going to cry harder than a newborn baby. He doesn’t need that. No one needs that.

This summer has taken a turn into trash, and I am just so out of it…


my favorite tv shows? oh well i love doctor what, paranormal, adolescent coyote, a long time ago, sure lock, spooky tales of the united states, how did i make the acquaintance of your procreator, abandoned black child, cannibal… i mean a bit of everything here and there you know

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Ladies & Gentlemen… Madame Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake and Revolution magazines (Middle East).

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June 6th 1944: D-Day

On this day in 1944, the D-Day landings began on the beaches of Normandy as part of the Allied ‘Operation Overlord’. The largest amphibious military operation in history, the operation involved thousands of Allied troops landing in France. For those landing on the beaches of Normandy, they faced heavy fire, mines and other obstacles on the beach, but managed to push inland. In charge of the operation was future US President General Dwight Eisenhower and leading the ground forces was British General Bernard Montgomery. The landings proved a decisive Allied victory, as they secured a foothold in France which had been defeated by Nazi Germany in 1940. D-Day was a key moment in the Second World War and helped turn the tide of the war in favour of the Allies. 70 years on, we remember not just the strategic victory that was D-Day but also the ultimate sacrifice paid by thousands of soldiers on both sides of the fighting.

“You are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months.”
- Eisenhower’s message to the Allied Expeditionary Force

70 years ago today

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Oyasumi Punpun

Oyasumi Punpun

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This is the most perfect video

A collection of every recorded Stand cry in JoJo media

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loving a character so much you’re slowly becoming them


loving a character so much and having people nickname you after them


loving a character so much and having people say they think of you whenever they hear about the character or things relating to them


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